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Intuitive development Workshop/ Psychic Protection and clearing

Online Workshop to develop your own natural intuitive abilities, tools for psychic protection for these times and Clearing meditation. Contact me for details. I will offer several of these in the next few months.

Mentorship/Life coaching

3 Session Mentorship/Life coaching session series

This Block of sessions is meant to be something you might do in collaboration with the online class.  A group of sessions where you and Spirit talk about your Gifts and Talents and Goals and Dreams.  And go deeper.

Then you determine what transformation or Intentions you may have that you would like to create for yourself. We work on creative solutions with Spirit and your highest Self and set a plan together, offering whatever healing or tools might be helpful for reaching your goal.

Finally checking in together to offer additional support, help adjust anything you may want to talk about. And offer a blessing to send you on your way to achieving your own dreams and Intentions.

(3), 1 hour sessions, over a 6-8 week period are $300 when purchased together.

Online workshops

6 week Autumn (the West Direction) spiritual foundation class.  Thursdays from 9/28/23 through 11/2/23 on Zoom (video will be sent if you miss a class).  From 6:30 PM PST to 9 PM PST.

To sign up, contact me at or 206-795-6064

The 6 week Autumn/ West direction class is $244 USD and can be sent to: 

Venmo is: @trish-baker-0

Paypal is:

Zelle is: or 206-795-6064

Spiritual Foundations: Autumn, The West Direction online class

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Online Thursday nights, 6:30 PM PST through 9PM PST.  Sept. 28th through Nov. 2nd, 2023

Autumn, The West, Spiritual teachings around the medicine wheel, is the first online session of an on-going spiritual foundation class teaching of the Wisdom of the directions: West, North, East and South (autumn/winter/spring and summer).    

Each season will offer a new 6 week teaching series sharing spiritual foundational teachings corresponding with that season's wisdom.   

First year spiritual teachings around the wheel helps bring you a spiritual foundation for your own cosmology in the world, self healing and wisdom gathering so that you may gather the tools to make your dreams come true in this world with support from the Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess/your Higher self.  

Traditionally the first year training is about self healing and knowledge.  Then after that you can go deeper into your own calling and trainings.  

You will learn about energy protections, tools for healing and energetic cleansing, foundations of spiritual practice, intuitive development, ceremony, ritual, prayer, meditation, journeying and receive tools and teachings from many resources for self healing, cultivating balance and happiness in your life through intentions, affirmation, teachings, visualization, guided meditation and energy work.  And develop your own cosmology of the world for identifying your own gifts and talents and how to bring them into the world.  

You are also welcome to book a mentorship package of 3-5 sessions during a season to customize teachings and your own work, healings, gifts and talents for a discounted session rate if you would like to go deeper.  

The West, autumn directional online class will be by Zoom.  You will get the recordings after to keep or if you have to miss a class.  The cost is $244 and that includes (1) 15 minute session together during the season.  

*Discounted mentorship sessions are also offered as a supplemental during the season in 3 to 5 session blocks for $100 a session, if you want to go deeper with the teachings in a personalized way.

You can sign up through the webstore under "Autum online class, The West teachings"     If you have any questions, reach out to me at: or 206-795-6064

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