The ChakraBooth

Intuitive Readings, Healing Services, Spiritual Classes and workshops 


Intuitive development Workshop

Sunday Nov. 24th from 10AM to 4PM.  If you want to work on your ability to hear the whispers of spirit and your own intuition, we will have a small circle of us gather together with this intention!  This workshop will help develop your natural gifts of hearing/seeing/sensing/knowing. With activities designed to develop or enhance that gift, channeled teachings and guided meditations.  A safe place to let yourself trust your own inner voice and build a stronger bridge to communicating with Spirit.  Beginner to advanced welcome! 

Please register ahead (limited space available)
$120. Payment can be made through Webstore "Developing your Intuition workshop" option or day of workshop.   

Mentorship/Life coaching

3 Session Mentorship/Life coaching session series

This Block of sessions is meant to be something you might do one a year.  Starting with an intuitive session where you and Spirit talk about your Gifts and Talents and Goals and Dreams.   

Then you determine what transformation or Intentions you may have that you would like to create for yourself.   We work on creative solutions with Spirit and your highest Self and set a plan together, offering whatever healing or tools might be helpful for reaching your goal. 

Finally checking in together to offer additional support, help adjust anything you may want to talk about.  And offer a blessing to send you on your way to achieving your own dreams and Intentions.   

Three, 1 hour sessions, over a 6 week period are $300 when purchased together.