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Shaman Practitioner, Trish Shallest

During a session she may use Claivoyance, Tarot, Palmistry or other tools to help make this a good, true and beautiful experience for you to recieve direction, clarity, councel, wisdom or healing from Spirit. Also energy clearing work may be offered if you are interested. *Please come with an open heart and you may want to bring a notebook or a recording device (or use your phone) to record the session for future playback.

Intuitive sessions are 1 hour, over zoom or phone.  Sessions are $180 USD an hour. 

To book contact me at: or text 206-795-6064


*Payments through Venmo: @trish-baker-01 or Paypal: or Zelle: or 206-795-6064

Clairvoyant Readings

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